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Lambda Expressions in Python 3

In Python 3, Lambda Expressions are supported. Like Java 8, they are anonymous functions, which are very handy. They mix simplicity with readability and reusability. Their functional programming style makes them handy for writing conditional and mathematical expressions. Java 8 list.forEach(a -> { System.out.println(Math.sqrt(a)); } Python on the other hand defines lambdas in a different way. […]

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Common Python Libraries

In my day job at the BBC, we use Python. It’s a great scripting language; highly versatile, well supported and mixes simplicity with complexity, if need be. One of the challenges of my day job to date, has been learning AWS, Ruby and Python as I go. This presents challenges as it’s not easy to […]

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AWS Lambda: Cold Starts

At work, I’ve been working with Lambdas. They’re interesting and quite exciting things to work with. They’re simple and very effective. They’re not designed to compute and process intense volumes of data beyond periods after 15 minutes (Lambdas can be warmed up between a minimum of 5 to 15 minutes), but for a lot of […]

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