Dissertation Progress – Day 59

Tasks complete today:

  1. Emailed Dave Guest – he has granted me permission to borrow his VGA/HDMI converter for an hour.
  2. Amended online Ethical Review. I will get Dan to review this shortly.
  3. Changed development approach and introduced Risk Management into the software development equation – I was getting too fixated on getting the accelerometer, light sensor, etc. connected and recognised on the system application. I have thus changed course – I have successfully connected the temperature sensor and I will next build a working system based on my research. The hope by Sunday I should have a working system and be able to display something tangible on the web application using the HTML5 graphs. It should boost morale getting the rest of the system up and running.
  4. Implemented the main loop body for the system. I shall proceed to design and build the ambient intelligence learning system tomorrow!
  5. Adhered a modular and maintainable design whilst developing the application. This should ease future modifications.
  6. Deleted branch sprint_three. It shall be replaced with the same branch name. Branch sprint_four will also be deleted later-on. The idea is to use sprint_two for the temperature sensor, sprint_three for sensor X, and so forth…
  7. Wrote up meeting notes.
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