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Dissertation Progress – Day 66

Tasks complete today:

  1. Printed Project Report (draft)
  2. Printed System Evaluation questionnaire.
  3. Uncommitted changes in Web GitHub repository. Was drifting towards measuring productivity.
  4. Amended System Evaluation Questionnaire – it has been structured in categories.
  5. Topped-up printing credits – there should be sufficient credit from-here-on-out.

Dissertation Progress – Day 65

Tasks complete today:

  1. Submitted Ethical Review Application.
  2. Produced rough System Evaluation document – including questions.
  3. Soldered second temperature sensor.

Dissertation Progress – Day 64

Tasks complete today:

  1. Finished Ethics Review – including supporting document.

Dissertation Progress – Day 63

Tasks complete today:

  1. Sourced and printed off written material by Mark Weiser – including his classic paper on ubiquitous computing.
  2. Completed Project Description for Ethics Review Application.
  3. Finished writing functionality for class SystemProcessUtil (incl. internal classes… for the meantime).

Dissertation Progress – Day 62

Tasks complete:

  1. Redesigned and restructured the client application to attempt to start automatically on system boot.
  2. Drawn up sequence diagram in MS Visio to reflect changes in client application structure.
  3. Implemented Thread functionality that delays operation of application to ensure a connection to Eduroam is established.
  4. Wrote the ‘Acknowledgements’ chapter in the Project Report.
  5. Finished Ethical Review Application – including an Evaluation Plan, submitted as a supporting document.

Dissertation Progress – Day 61

Tasks complete today:

  1. Created x2 questionnaire evaluation documents – System Evaluation and Web Application Evaluation.
  2. Finished implementing the main loop for the client application.
  3. Begun researching into executing a .JAR on start-uparticle
  4. Setup RPi 2 to connect to home network. Eduroam has been commented out for the meantime.
  5. Setup RPi 1 + 2 both automatically load LXterminal on boot – Part I
  6. Setup LXterminal to load .JAR using bash shell script on RPi 1 + 2 – Part II. Don’t forget to chmod 755 ‘file-name’ to set permissions.
  7. Sent a library manager an email, to inform them of my progress. I will be deploying the client systems in their office for evaluation purposes.

Dissertation Progress – Day 60

Tasks complete today:

  1. Backed-up work for this week – both on Dropbox and SkyDrive.
  2. Topped-up printing credit.
  3. Changed post-it notes for Sprint 2.
  4. Changed post-it notes for Sprint 3.
  5. Purchased x2 ultrasonic sensors – Ultrasonic Range Sensor (HC-SR04).
  6. Sourced a particle filter class (from a previous Pervasive Computing assignment).
  7. Printed off blog entries 1 – 41.
  8. Setup test package in Netbeans for the client application. This will in future be used in a TDD manner.
  9. Added new methods for SystemProcess and SystemProcessUtil.
  10. Deleted branch sprint_four. It will later be re-created, but instead to reflect change of development approach (Agile).
  11. Worked on the Ethical Review form. It should be complete by tomorrow morning for submission.

Meeting Notes


  • Write a for loop. Read each byte 255 times. Just write code that ‘spits out’ whether the device is working.
  • Use .read(address):int method.
  • Create a test method (new). 10 minutes work.; // addresses 0 – 255
  • Returns a signed integer.
  • Convert it to hex.
  • Ultimately, is the device correctly connected?

Ethics Review

  • Project Description: Need to describe what the question is by what you seek to answer. Do you need to require people to test your independent agents. You need to make it clear why it is useful to capture data about people; what data are you going to capture; why that data is useful. No logins required(?). Is a person’s actions identifiable?
  • Back away from productivity (FULL STOP!). It causes stress/anxiety.
  • B1: How have people been selected. More than x2 people: they work in shifts (they swap periodically every day).
  • B2: Library manager was approached. Then consulted with members of staff present in the location study will be undertaken. I was given ‘outline permission’. They are willing to participate.
  • B3: A list of research methods you plan to use. Keep if brief. If you’re doing anything weird – justify/outline it. What does it contribute to being in the library.
  • B19: Yes – you are lone working!

Ethics Review – Supporting Documents

  • What questions am I going to ask.
  • It’s a good idea now to know what you intend to research. How will gathering this data enhance your research. What form does your ‘results’ chapter be? What data do I need? You might be collecting more personal information.
  • ‘Can you relate to me how this data is presented to you?’
  • ‘Are there patterns that you can resonate with in the data?/in this set of data?’
  • ‘Does the system work? Does it produce false positives/false negatives?’
  • ‘Is the room being used for discussion/quiet back room work?’
  • ‘Are there aspects that aren’t explainable?’
  • Present an argument – I need to talk to these people for this reason. This is why I need it.
  • Create a questionnaire outline – define an outline. Give them a plan (enhance the project’s credibility).


  • Sketch out what you think the results chapter will look like. Really important. What is the results chapter graphs?
  • Get the loop done as early as possible (sensors). Add-on sensor. Get temperature sensor working. Get it producing and displaying data from it… crucially produce the results. Produce the results and analyse then – write up in ‘results’ chapter. Risk Management!!!
  • Look at the data, and explain it in an interesting manner.
  • Does the combination of sensors tell you something different?
  • Skills – leave alone (REALLY IMPORTANT!). Focus on the system and the question being explored.

Ultimately, the person evaluating the application mainly concerned with the safety and well being of these participants. Make it so!!!

Dissertation Progress – Day 59

Tasks complete today:

  1. Emailed Dave Guest – he has granted me permission to borrow his VGA/HDMI converter for an hour.
  2. Amended online Ethical Review. I will get Dan to review this shortly.
  3. Changed development approach and introduced Risk Management into the software development equation – I was getting too fixated on getting the accelerometer, light sensor, etc. connected and recognised on the system application. I have thus changed course – I have successfully connected the temperature sensor and I will next build a working system based on my research. The hope by Sunday I should have a working system and be able to display something tangible on the web application using the HTML5 graphs. It should boost morale getting the rest of the system up and running.
  4. Implemented the main loop body for the system. I shall proceed to design and build the ambient intelligence learning system tomorrow!
  5. Adhered a modular and maintainable design whilst developing the application. This should ease future modifications.
  6. Deleted branch sprint_three. It shall be replaced with the same branch name. Branch sprint_four will also be deleted later-on. The idea is to use sprint_two for the temperature sensor, sprint_three for sensor X, and so forth…
  7. Wrote up meeting notes.

Dissertation Progress – Day 58

Tasks complete:

  1. Begun finalising the ethical review submission. Will think over it until Thursday.
  2. Attempted to connect to the accelerometer using an excellent Github repository. Only snag being it’s using the Wiring API, not Pi4J! Have also defined abstract methods for sub-classes.
  3. Refactored code for sprint two. It no longer features a contextual selection mode.