Dissertation (MSc)

Web + Software Application


The MSc dissertation was focused on Ambient Intelligence Systems within the domain of pervasive computing.

The objective of the project was to investigate how ambient technologies could enhance the understanding of a workplace environment.

The project involved developing an Ambient Intelligence System, that collected contextual data using two Raspberry Pi units.

A web application was developed to display a coherent perspective of the environment.

During the project the following topics within Ambient Intelligence Systems were explored:

  • Intelligence and Awareness through Multi-agent Systems;
  • Integrity and Trust;
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (Situational Awareness), and;
  • Environmental Monitoring.

Learning Outcomes

  • Java (MVC, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Apache Tomcat), MySQL, Pi4J API, Unix (Bash scripting)
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, RequireJS, Chart.js, JSON
  • HCI
    • UML
    • UI
    • User Evaluation Methods